2022 Spring Promotion

Welcome SPRING!
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Premium Japanese Koshu – “Huggy” Brotherhood Experience –

We offer a pair of flavours presented by HUGGY WINE to meet the elegance of Japanese white wine – Koshu with crispness and freshness in subtle yet composed of savoury texture, best-match for celebration for welcoming spring & summer time.

Whilst being produced from Koshu variety, the pair exhibits a remarkable experience with two variants of taste delivered by different winemaking techniques applied to each production.


“TSUGAI”, a Japanese term stands
for Pair & its Connection

TSUGAI 番イ 2019 (750ml)

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“JIBUN”, a Japanese term stands
for Appropriate Time for Good Opportunity

JIBUN 時分 2020 (750ml)

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Good timing for sharing taste to celebrate spring together

Huggy Wine – Expert of winemaking with long history with Koshu 甲州 grape variety, located in Yamanashi prefecture in Japan.

This promotional product is exclusively offered by directly collaborating with the importer of the brand to Hong Kong, where all wines are reliably and professionally stored under the optimum temperature and humid controlled for wines in particular.